Why book Socrates?

If you are looking for danceable spicy originality, not your run-of-the-mill stuff, you are looking for DJ Socrates.


Master in musical storytelling, Socrates weaves together grooves from across cultures and genres fluently in one exciting colourful journey. Creating a feeling of familiarity while at same time mixing a unique story with every set.


Socrates personally engages with clients to make his musical trip suit their event. His sets are both accessible & adventurous. He syncs with his audience by tuning into their energy each moment, creating a joyful festive vibe with ease and style.


For 20 years Socrates has coloured the dance floor for both young and the old, party animals as well as professional dancers. Performing for a great variety of venues & events. From bars, clubs, & festivals to weddings and ecstatic dance events.

The famous greek philosopher asked his questions to challenge and enliven the people of Athens.

DJ Socrates jumps in his footsteps and asks his public to just peep over their comfortable fences and dance out of the box a bit. Stylishness, warmth, rhythm and roots are a few keywords that could loosely describe the experience of a set by DJ Socrates. So would excitement, leading and following his public in a broad musical spectrum, keeping the tension arc calibrated and catching the groove at all times.  Expect infectious afro & latin rhythms, spicy arab vibes, deep bass, cumbia, reggae and a shot psychedelic sunshine. A journey that will move your feet and tickle all your senses.






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